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Why Invest in Dominican Republic?

Reasons to Invest in Dominican Republic

This Dominican Republic is a large Caribbean island and a the most visited destination in the Caribbean that is accessed easily from most countries around the world. It has over 900 miles of ocean frontage with 300 miles of this frontage being beautiful sandy beaches. It has multiple climate zones and various lifestyles. The mountain range is the highest in the Caribbean and reaches over 10,000 feet. Depending on the route taken, driving time from one tip of the island to the other is over 15 hours.

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Dominican Republic has Great Year-Round Weather

Buenas Vibras

The climate is temperate and tropical without much variation throughout the year. The trade winds add to the year-round comfortable living and provide great weather for golf, water-sports, and the equestrian lifestyle. Hurricane threats are no worse than the eastern portions of the United States. The north coast of the Dominican Republic seldom has any hurricanes which makes it a safe place to both build and reside.


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Dominican Republic has Investment Incentives

Major corporations and investors all enjoy various tax incentives; free zone for corporations, tourism zones for tax benefits, and even an attractive retirees law for individuals seeking a place in the sun to retire. There is equal treatment for both local and foreign investors. There are minimal investment restrictions and there is free access to foreign exchange through local banks. Financing up to 90% Loan-To-Value is available from both US and Dominican banks.

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Dominican Republic Has Rental Income Potential

Vacation rentals and full-time rentals are increasing year to year and this may offer opportunities for diversifying investments. Rental income can be used to offset operating costs and the timing may now be right for positive cash flows and increases in property values. Because the Dominican Republic is such a large country with hundreds of miles of pristine beaches, land costs are lower in comparisons to other islands that have limited land supply. Market Evaluations and Cash Flow Analysis’ are available upon request.

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